Valentine Flowers - Larkspur Flowers

Valentine Flowers - Larkspur Flowers 1
Valentine Flowers - Larkspur Flowers
Let the flower symbolize your emotion. Let the magical lilies, the alluring roses, the innocent lilies spread the message of love amidst their shimmer and hue. Add words to your feelings—carve out those unspoken words with the radiance of the flowers- Send her larkspur to mumble silently – “I think of you with every sunrise and dream of you with each sundown”. Have you ever walked with her miles after miles where the pale moon hangs loosely over the endless gloomy field?

Valentine Flowers - Larkspur Flowers 2

Valentine Flowers - Larkspur Flowers 3

Valentine Flowers - Larkspur Flowers 4
Valentine Flowers - Larkspur Flowers 5
Valentine Flowers - Larkspur Flowers

Have you ever felt the desire to fade away with her to the land of eternity? Have you ever experienced the purple dreams of the summer rain as it caresses your skin? Send her a pose of Larkspur Flowers and look into her eyes, you will find all these amidst her watery eyes.

Larkspur with its crimson desire, blue dreams, purple passion and white shimmer will bring you back “the glory that was Greece and the grandeur that was Rome” – Larkspur with its delicate shimmer symbolizes -- “A flight of fancy” the bloom enlaced with its passionate dreams of the distant lands is somewhat like a journey to the lands where nothing but only dream rests in the folds of eye. Whisper into her ears with a pose of larkspur “let’s elope to the land where the blue sky sings the lullaby”. Make this Valentines Day lot dreamier with the quixotic brilliance of the larkspur.

The magic of spring promises the beauty of Larkspur Flowers. As the sober mountain decks up their brow to meet the forthcoming spring the magic of larkspur begins. With its plethora of colors, with its fragile beauty, larkspur once again murmurs – “ Its Spring time” The age old legend unfolds that Zelia once descended on earth to feel the ecstasy of dancing on a grassy hilltop. Where ever her footstep passed, sprang the flower of love – The larkspur.

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